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Arranging Airport Pickup

The airport pickup service is available to interstate or international students (including study abroad and exchange students) commencing their first semester at the University of Melbourne.

This is a free service from the airport to the CBD (Central Business District), Parkville and surrounding areas. TOGOTO Pty Ltd is the shuttle-bus service used for this service.

Fees apply if:

  • you are travelling to areas further than those listed above,
  • there are additional passengers (your family members or anyone who is not a University of Melbourne student), or
  • you requested airport pickup, but do not use it on arrival.
You will be informed of any additional costs by email once we receive your application. Please note that TOGOTO only allows a maximum checked-in baggage limit of 46kgs.

If you are coming with two or more people, it may be cheaper to take a taxi from the airport (about AUD$55).

Please note: Only one free airport pickup is available to you.

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