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Melbourne Mobility Awards

The University of Melbourne offers the following Mobility Awards to students undertaking overseas study as part of their degree or diploma course:

Melbourne Global Scholars Award
Established by the University of Melbourne, this scholarship is available to high achieving students undertaking overseas study. The University usually awards over 1250 awards per year.

Jamakepe & USA Foundation Scholarships
Established with a donation from the USA Education Foundation, these scholarships are available to students undertaking study in the United States of America. The University usually awards up to ten scholarships per year.

Universitas 21 Award
Established by the University of Melbourne, this scholarship is available to students undertaking Exchange at a Universitas 21 partner institution (excluding McGill University). The University usually awards up to 60 scholarships per year.


The Universitas 21 Award provides a one-off payment of $1,000.

Other Melbourne Mobility Awards provide a one-off payment of either:

  • $1,000 for overseas study of less than 12 weeks; or
  • $2,500 for the Capitol Hill Internship or overseas study of 12 weeks or more


To be considered for the Melbourne Mobility Awards, you must:

  • be enrolled at the University of Melbourne in either an undergraduate degree or a graduate coursework degree;
  • have received approval to study overseas as part of a University of Melbourne  Exchange or Study Abroad program or a University of Melbourne subject with an overseas component; and
  • not have previously received a Melbourne Mobility Award or Melbourne Mobility Assistance Grant for overseas study that was part of your current course


Students who have applied to study overseas on Exchange are considered automatically for the Melbourne Mobility Awards.

Students who intend to undertake Study Abroad or a Melbourne University overseas subject must submit a Mobility Registration and Travel Grant Application before commencement of their overseas study.


Candidates for the Melbourne Mobility Awards are selected on the basis of the specific purpose of the award and academic merit using the University of Melbourne’s Weighted Average Mark (WAM). Where the number of candidates exceeds the amount of funding available, the Awards will be given to students with the highest WAM.

The following Undergraduate students are guaranteed one Melbourne Global Scholars Award:

  • Chancellor's Scholars;
  • Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars; and
  • students who entered the University between 2010- 2016 with an ATAR of at least 98


You should receive an outcome by email within 4-5 weeks after your application for overseas study has been approved.

The Melbourne Mobility Awards are only paid after you have enrolled in the University of Melbourne subject for which the scholarship was awarded.

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